Point of Sale

Robust Magento 2 POS For Online-to-Offline Retail 

Magento 2 POS built for selling multiple stores and channels

A web-based point-of-sale transformed with PWA technology. Magento POS boosts store performance to sell & grow 4x times faster. Perfect for retailers selling on multiple locations & channels.

Magento 2 Web POS focuses on loading in seconds and responding quickly to user interaction. It can work smoothly as a native app with stable offline feature, give you a 30x times faster experience to serve customers. The whole checkout procedure is accurate and user-friendly. As a result, your staff can get them up and selling in no time

Accept flexible online & offline payment methods


Magento 2 Web POS provides flexible payment options to streamline your sales at checkout. Our POS system supports both online and offline payment methods. Thus you can allow your customers to pay with online methods such as Paypal (Credit card and Email), Authorize.net, Stripe; or process payment with offline methods including Cash and offline Credit Card.

  • Access to POS system at any time from your home screen with one tap.
  • Load data when opening POS 
  • Design a app-level stunning interface
  • Run on PC/laptop, Mac or anywhere you find a browser
  • Work offline and performs well on low quality networks.

There are two ways to add a product to cart: by scanning barcodes, clicking on product thumbnails or searching by its attributes (e.g. SKUs, name, description). Both approaches offer a fast and user-friendly way of product processing. Just 1 click to add product to cart and the order is ready to checkout. Even, you can use Custom Sales button to simply and easily create orders with items that have not been updated into the system.

If it is the first time a customer purchase at your store and his/her data hasn't been updated into the system, let's use "Create New Customer" button. Customer info are automatically stored under their profile, which helps you rapidly build your customer database.

Our comprehensive management tools are suitable for every retailer.

Sell & Scale with ease

Providing seamless shopping experience across sales channels is key in the Omnichannel retail era. Start with making sales fast & easy, then expand without hassle while managing everything right in Magento backend

Simple Point-of-Sale - For retail stores to increase checkout speed

Save time with fast and stable checkout

Process up to 100,000 SKUs & 12,000 orders per hour with PWA technology. Checkout faster & get more sales than ever.

Sell without internet (Offline checkout)

No more interruptions when the internet is out. Now you can make money at trade shows and events with pain-free.

Mix payment methods to complete an order

Able to pay however they like, customers will love spending at your store. Combine multiple online/ offline payments or both.

Omnichannel Solution - For online-to-offline retails with multi-channels

Keep everything under the same control

Go nowhere but your Magento site to handle all inventory, purchases, orders & customer info. Work smarter, not harder!

Update data in real-time

Say goodbye to out-of-stock and missing customer info situations, as you always have the latest data across the system.

Get rid of recurring fees

Pay one time and have your system forever. Your business will grow without any concern of rising cost.

Fast and reliable checkout

With the latest upgrade to PWA technology, Magento 2 POS now delivers ultrafast checkout experience. Deal with up to 100,000 SKUs and 100,000 customers, as well as process 12,000 orders per hour

App-like user experience

Magento 2 POS can work like native app. All you need to use our POS is a URL and a browser. There‘s no need to download or install any application. Add our POS to your home screen to get easier access

Online-offline synchronization

Selling on multiple channels? No problem! Our POS is native with Magento, so all key data of products, inventory, customers, and orders are synced in real time between online site and physical store

Deliver great customer experiences

Foster customer loyalty with reward management