Making Business Awesome For Everyone!

Small and medium businesses are the backbone of every economy. That is why we are helping business owners manage and grow their business in today’s fast changing world. From PWA POS to inventory management to e-commerce, we are building the platform for awesome businesses.
Our People Vision
“Pwaconnect’s vision for our team is to build a place where people thrive. Where they can do the best work of their lives. Work that brings out their potential. Work that is truly meaningful.
We’re Not A Family. We’re A Sports Team.
While we celebrate the importance of strong relationships, our goal at Pwaconnect is to build a culture of growth and performance.
Sharing And Helping Each Of Us Grow
“We place such high importance on sharing and helping each of us grow and perform better in an environment of healthy competition.”

What role do you see yourself in?

The people who succeed with us are most clearly defined by four things: Competency, Hunger, Humility, and being Hip. It’s vital that people are hungry to keep learning while working well with their teammates.